Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

The Museum Project – March 2015

The past few months have been very busy getting ready for the grand opening of “Fireman’s Landing” at Silver Dollar City in Branson. They have invited FFAM to be front and center for the opening ceremony on April 11. Selections are being made for 13 firefighters and families to be special guests and honorees at the ceremony and Charlie Neubert has done a fantastic job of working directly with SDC on the logistics. I am hoping that FFAM can flood SDC on the 11th for that great ceremony. I have had the privilege of seeing the partially finished area and am eager to see the completed location. It will be an area dedicated to you who serve in communities all over Missouri and beyond, and remind children how much you do to serve. There will be 6 specially designed activities for children, all centered around firefighters, and 4 additional rides for all others. Station #3 is the centerpiece and has an authentic “bell” on top. Make your plans to bring your family to SDC on the 11th of April and take part in this memorable event.

Silver Dollar City has announced that all firefighters will receive free admission to SDC between March 15, date the park opens for the season and May 3. Also included are discounted tickets for up to 4 family members. Proper ID must be presented at the gate, ID parameters can be found on their website. Not only are they offering free tickets for firefighters to SDC, but also free tickets for firefighters on the showboat Branson Bell, same inclusions as for SDC. What a deal!

Those of you who came to Winter Fire School will remember we had a promotion with Texas Roadhouse for Friday night, February 6, for every person presenting a flyer that we had available at the expo, Texas Roadhouse donated 10% of your purchase to our museum project. Last week they presented me with a check for $500. I had hoped we would do better, but since it was a last minute promotion, not too bad. Next year we may try to get the information in your registration packet so you will know and can make plans. We also had a fund raiser on January 29, but I haven’t gotten the results of that. Thanks to Texas Roadhouse for their help.

On the opposite page in this newsletter is an order form for flags for the “Firefighters’ Field of Flags” to be on view just before the memorial service in Kingdom City. Flags will be posted the week before the memorial and remain posted until flag day in June. Wouldn’t it be great if we had a flag from every department in Missouri? Orders need to be placed by May 1. Flags are 3×5 polyester and cost $35. You can memorialize an individual, honor, and show appreciation for a person, department, or veteran. An attractive tag will be attached to flags purchased. If you want the flag to be sent to you after it is taken down, please add $5 to cover shipping.

I want to express appreciation to all who have helped in any way. Your input is much appreciated.

Dr. Ron Baker
Director of Development/Public Relations