Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Cole County Fire Protection District Awards

The Cole County Fire Protection District held their 2014 annual service awards banquet. The annual event shows appreciation to the firefighter’s for their years of service and dedication to the district.

There is another aspect that really stands out with the 2014 service awards. We recognized 11 firefighters who have given 205 years of service to the district. The combined years of service of district personnel are over 1,200 years. This in itself shows the commitment to the district by its personnel in the aspects of training, call response and the rewards of helping others in their time of need.

The following firefighters were recognized for years of service:

  • 5 years, Bradley Lepper
  • 10 years, Jason Bittle, Blake Bopp, Eric Berendzen
  • 15 years, Jason Hammann, Josh Hammann
  • 20 years, Scott Kempker
  • 25 years, Rich Gordon
  • 30 years, Gary Berendzen
  • 35 years, Jim Call
  • 45 years, Donnie Braun
  • Firefighter of the Year, Jimmy Buechter
  • Officer of the Year, Steve Cearlock
  • Special Recognition Award, Shelby and Klint Braun
  • Outstanding Community Service Award, Gary Berendzen

Deputy Chief’s 10 Most Wanted:
The following firefighters responded to the most calls.

Galen Hammann, Justin Braun, Gary Berendzen, Steve Barnes, Jason Hammann, Robbie Hammann, Jimmy Buechter, Bradley Kempker, Kyle Carwell and Rich Gordon.

Perfect Attendance in Training Awards:
Donnie Braun, Gary Smith, Galen Hammann, Robbie Hammann, Kyle Carwell, Nathan Luebbering and Mac Kennedy.

Please contact Steve Cearlock, Public Information Officer at 573-635-0966 if you have any questions. Thank you.