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President’s Remarks – July 2014

Chaplain Robby Jernigan of the Marshfield FPD delivering his message at the Candelight Service

Chaplain Robby Jernigan of the Marshfield FPD delivering his message at the Candelight Service

This article brings me to the annual Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Services held on May 17 and 18 in Kingdom City. I believe this is the most important activity I am involved in every year and I will commit a large portion of this article to it.

Many hours of preparation took place not only with the grounds but with the programs. A workday was conducted on May 10, Lt. Steve Nichols and firefighters from Little Dixie Fire Protection District headed up the workday and many items were worked on. Helpers also came from Boone County Fire Protection District, Galt Fire Protection District, South Central Buchannan County Fire Protection District, Braymer Fire Department and Callaway County Commission. I thank each of you.

As they have done for many years, I thank Chief Greg Lubbert and the Central Callaway Fire Protection District who spent many hours cleaning all of the granite walls and other tasks the Thursday night prior to the services.

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Auxiliary Minutes – June 2014

President Chris Slaughter called meeting to order at 9:02 a.m.

Old Business
Chris Slaughter discussed per the 2014 convention in May we were adding three new committees; Memorial Service, Silent Auction, and Posting of Colors.

Diane Hanes from Galt volunteered to chair the Memorial Service committee. This committee will ensure the ribbons are prepared for the Memorial Service.

Theresa Cox suggested the Silent Auction committee be the existing Fund Raising committee. This committee is responsible for the silent auction, 50/50 raffle, sale of various items (tumbler, jewelry, angel pins, etc), quilt auction and such to raise money for the Auxiliary. Theresa suggested this committee be co-chaired together by Pam Carsten and Sheri Berendzen. Both agreed to co-chair together.

Chris asked if anyone present wanted to chair the Posting of Colors committee. It was suggested to ask Melissa Dahms or Danielle Arnold to chair the committee.

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