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Personal Alert Safety System Donated

BolivarBolivar City Fire Department (BCFD) has been working in conjunction with Pattonville Fire Protection District (PFPD) to provide a much safer working environment on the fire-ground for BCFD firefighters. PFPD donated an entire Personal Alert Safety System to BCFD. This equipment is a Grace Industries TPASS system valued over $50,000 with all the donated equipment. This system incorporates an incident commander’s ability to directly monitor accountability, firefighters active pass alarms, and transmit an evacuation alert onto the fire scene through the TPASS system.

Chief Ludden of the BCFD states, “This system is a huge asset to BCFD, our department would not be able to afford such a system if it were not to the generosity of PFPD. It is our intention that we will utilize this system throughout the entire county. So this is not just a donation to BCFD, but Polk County as a whole. This is also a great example of fire departments networking across the state to create a better fire service statewide. I am very thankful for our department to be the beneficiary for this donation and am excited to begin training and utilizing this system in the near future!”

History’s Corner – July 2014

A very attentive audience and lots of empty chairs at the general session, including a young Bob Rennick, who at the time I think was the training officer at the Columbia Fire Department.

A very attentive audience and lots of empty chairs at the general session, including a young Bob Rennick, who at the time I think was the training officer at the Columbia Fire Department.

Over the couple decades plus that I was at the University of Missouri Fire Training program I had lots of weird ideas that came to pass. Some of them worked out, and some were just a big flop.

Like the flyer that we mailed to all the fire departments in the state suggesting they “borrow” a school bus from their local school district and bring a bus load of firefighters to Summer Fire School. Duh! The idea of riding a school bus in July from Kennett was not one that was accepted, not even from Moberly or Rocheport! So much for cheap transportation.

Another “brain fade” of mine was to move the Summer Fire School from Columbia to the fairgrounds in Sedalia. One of the motivations for this move was that the University administration had just formed a new section of the Extension Division known as the “conference and short course unit”. All on campus activities such as the Summer Fire School would now be coordinated through this new unit. To fund the unit, the administration would require a one-dollar fee per day to be added to the registration fee to fund the unit. That upset me greatly at the time because we had always worked hard to keep the registration fee down for firefighters. The solution was to get out of Dodge and go to Sedalia.

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The Museum Project – July 2014

raffleI apologize for missing last month’s newsletter. I could blame it on old age, but too many use that one. I’ll just confess, I forgot, but I haven’t forgotten the project to build a firefighters’ museum for Missouri firefighters. First, I want to thank individuals and businesses who purchased flags for the Firefighters’ Field of Flags at the memorial in May. While we only sold about 30 flags, we displayed 53. Several people who saw the flags from the interstate stopped in to get a closer look and some who came while I was present asked questions about it. This gave me the opportunity to share your project.

Raffle items on the website, include a print of an oil painting of bible and boots, the print is numbered and autographed by the artist; a picture frame for firefighters, frame yourself or someone else; and a leather helmet shield with “343” on it. Raffle tickets are only $5 each or 3 tickets for $10 and all proceeds go to the museum project. I encourage all of you to purchase at least 1 ticket and to pass the word on to others. Items are pictured with this article.

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Scholarship Update – July 2014

Left to right: Rob Schrage, Grant Oetting, Tyler Prater

Left to right: Rob Schrage, Grant Oetting, Tyler Prater

Hello everyone. I hope this newsletter finds everyone staying cool, as summer is upon us. In the last couple of weeks I have had the opportunity of traveling the state to award our recipients their scholarships.

It is always great to meet these great young people and what they have planned for their futures. While I am on the trip, I always ask these questions to them, 1, What do you think of the application, and 2, what can we do to make it easier for you? This is what I heard. They all thought the application was one of the easiest to fill out and that it was very straight forward. Glad to hear this, but in the same token they also told me that we needed to get with the age and be able to submit the application online! This will be discussed at our next scholarship meeting along with any changes we need to make to the application, if any at all.

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Knob Noster FD Top 3 Award Winners 2013

From left to right. Firefighter Fire Responder Tim Merrill, Firefighter EMT Ben Fundaburg, and Firefighter First Responder David Dowell.

From left to right. Firefighter Fire Responder Tim Merrill, Firefighter EMT Ben Fundaburg, and Firefighter First Responder David Dowell.

The Knob Noster Fire Department has recognized their 2013 Top 3 Award Winners.

This award is giver to KNFD’s Top Three Responders of 2013,  totaling statistics from Training Attendance, Call Responses, and PR Events.


Chief Rick Johnson
Knob Noster Fire Department

Southern FPD Holt County Gets New Apparatus

SHolt2The Southern Fire Protection District of Holt County in Oregon, Missouri recently took delivery of a new apparatus. The 2015 Ford F350 4×4 club cab truck was purchased from Walton Motors in Savannah and then taken to Kranz Truck Equipment in Kansas City where it was fitted with a new 9’ Reading enclosed utility body. Haug Communications in St. Joseph did the installation of emergency lighting and equipment and then firemen changed over all of the equipment from its old ambulance to the new apparatus and put it into service on June 17. Truck #7 will be used primarily as the district’s extrication and rescue truck, but it is also used as a tow vehicle for the district’s new grass fire unit and their air and light trailer, as well as to haul extra manpower to a scene when needed.

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Meeting Minutes – July 2014

President Kenneth Hoover called the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri to order at 9:00 a.m., Sunday, June 1, 2014 at the State Fair Fire Department in Sedalia, Missouri.

Roll Call of Board of Directors

President, Kenneth Hoover, Little Dixie FPD; Second Vice President Charlie Neubert, Highlandville Rural FPD; Secretary Treasurer, Jaime Miller, Johnson County FPD; Sergeant-at-Arms, Rex Reynolds, Southern FPD of Holt County; Past President, Keith Smith, Warrenton FPD.

Board of Directors
District 1, Terry Wynne, Galt FPD; District 2, Greg Wright, Shelbina FD; District 3, Larry Jones, Madison West Monroe FPD; District 6, Richard Gordon, Cole County FPD; District 7, RB Brown, Eureka FD; District 11, Monty Thompson, Kearney FPD; District 14, Rick Dozier, Southern FPD of Holt Co.

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Fire Marshal’s Update – July 2014

Welcome to what will soon be the dog days of summer. Fireworks season is coming to a close, but the fair and festival season is just beginning to hit its peak. You may not all be aware the Division is responsible for issuing permits for all amusement rides operated in the state. Amusement rides, both fixed rides and those traveling from fair to fair, are required to undergo an annual safety inspection before being allowed to operate. You should find a current operating permit in the form of a sticker affixed to any properly permitted ride. Division inspectors conduct spot safety inspections of the rides at locations around the state. These inspections are not only performed on the equipment, but also the operation of the ride to insure all safety protocols are followed by the ride operator. Anyone having concerns or questions about an amusement ride should contact the Division.

The Division, working through the Fire Education Commission, recently awarded contracts for over $456,000 to 14 training partners for no cost firefighter training. Approximately $66,000 of that amount came from the Chemical Emergency Preparedness Fund and is earmarked for hazardous materials training. A large portion of the training funding is the result of money collected through the Division’s permitting of Missouri’s 1,200 fireworks retailers.

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