Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

“Proposition Safety” Passes

During the recent General Election on Tuesday, April 8th the citizens of the Pacific Fire Protection District had an opportunity to vote on a $1,580,000 bond issue to help improve the safety of our citizens and firefighters. The bond issue, which was referred to as “Proposition Safety”, was approved with a vote of 1,322 “yes” (75.26%) and 434 “no” (24.74%). The Pacific Fire Protection District would like to thank the taxpayers for their continued support of the Fire District.

The Pacific Fire Protection District is rated ISO “Class 3” within the City Limits of Pacific and “Class 5” outside the city limits, with exceptions made for properties with creditable water supplies which would also be a “Class 3”. The funds from this Bond Issue will enable the District to maintain this rating.

The bond issue will be used for:

  • To replace 40 self-contained breathing apparatus with modern equipment. The breathing apparatus currently being used are becoming obsolete. New units will replace outdated equipment and give firefighters 45 minutes of compressed breathing air, an additional 15 minutes over the old units. Two safe-station containment refill stations will also be purchased so tanks can be refilled as needed. Approximate cost: $410,000
  • The District’s 1992 pumper-tanker is at the end of its service life and should be replaced. Replacement parts are almost unobtainable. The old truck will be sold and a new, modern vehicle will be purchased. Approximate cost: $560,000
  • Six thermal-image cameras will be purchased, replacing the old cameras, many of which have been in use for as long as 15 years. Thermal-image cameras are used to show firefighters the location of anyone inside a burning building. Approximate cost: $50,000
  • Update/replace current auto rescue equipment. New auto technology core rescue equipment will replace equipment currently 10-33 years of age. Approximate cost: $150,000
  • Build a 4,000 square feet multipurpose facility. Firefighters are highly trained professionals who must constantly train in a wide variety of skills. Modern technology has made training one of the most critical issues in fighting fires or rescue situations. The Pacific Fire Protection District currently relies on our neighboring Districts for use of their training facilities. This restricts the time and frequency our firefighters can utilize the training centers. A home-based training center would allow firefighters extended training time to refine and enhance skills. The building would also include a central location for large equipment such as the district command trailer, the large portable generator, and heavy rescue shoring equipment. Approximate cost: $250,000