Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

First Full Time Crew

BolivarCFD-NewsOver the last 2.5 months the Bolivar City Fire Department has experienced a few bouts of drastic change and growth, drastic, but in the best way.

In mid-February, BCFD was informed that we were awarded a fairly large grant. The grant we were awarded is the SAFER grant from FEMA. This grant allows for us to have complete, full-time crews for the first time in our history. The craziness began immediately after notification of awarding. After a whirl wind of testing and interviewing of over 25 applicants, on March 31st we welcomed nine new members to our full-time team. The grant will pay full salary and full benefits for the nine new team members for two years.

After the hiring process began for the nine new firefighters, we began to live in the predicament of how we plan to house all 12 members of our team. But, just in time for the new hires to move in, our dedicated city council members pulled through for us. We were given the opportunity to move in to a Public Safety Center and to share that building with our police force. The PSC has 7 offices, 8 dorms, a kitchen, a laundry room, equal and opposite facilities, along with several needed storage areas and a common training room. Though meeting a large portion of our needs, the building is still in need of some TLC, mostly in that it needs bays for trucks. And we hope to be in a position to address this problem, and build bays in the next two years. Until that time, it’s a happy coincidence that the Public Safety Center is a quick block from the station housing the trucks.

New building, new personnel, same mission: Our family, helping to serve and protect the lives and property of your family.