Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

By-Law Revisions

By-Law Revisions Explanation of Need

2014 By-Law Revision Proposed Changes – PDF Download

The following is an explanation of the concerns of the Board of Directors and the need to make revisions on some points of the By Laws.

The first issue is the terms of the officers and the timing of their election. As it stands now, it is feasibly possible to have an election at Convention and have an entirely new set of officers. This could have a negative effect on the organization leaving us with inexperienced officers. The new officers would be learning their jobs all at the same time. In the interest of keeping things running smoothly and in a timely manner the Board feels that the officer elections should be alternated as indicated by the proposed changes. They also feel that officers need more than a two year period to learn the job and to make a lasting contribution to the organization. Therefore a four year term has been suggested. This will also make alternating the elections much simpler. Anyone can still run for any position they feel they might be interested in on an election year. This change will insure that you will have the experience of other officers to draw upon.

The next change the Board has concerns with deals with the Secretary Treasurer position. This position is a salaried position with expenses reimbursed.

This position involves a lot of hard work and time spent by the individual. The Secretary Treasurer has many important responsibilities and pretty much holds the life blood of the FFAM in their hands. Yet no matter what quality of job they are providing there is no real oversight or method of reprimand should the individual fail to be responsible or provide an unsatisfactory job. The individual can continue to get re-elected by the delegates at convention because they may not have any idea of the candidates’ performance.
Because the position is on a salary basis the Board feels they should have direct control on the Secretary Treasurer. They would be able to scrutinize the job performance and have some leverage to insure their wishes are meet. The person in this position would have more incentive to perform their job at a top professional level because they would have something to lose. The Board does a good job of praising the person in this position but they want to have a real ability to have their wishes meet and tasks completed without delay. This change will give the Board that ability and guarantee the highly professional and highly respected position that the Secretary Treasurer represents will continue as such.

This final change to the By Laws deals with the need for nominations from the floor for Officer and Director Candidates at the Opening Ceremonies of Convention.

The Board feels that this procedure is and unfair and time wasting task that needs to be dropped from the Ceremonies.
This is an unfair practice for the individuals that step up and place their name in the race for office. When you are running for a position it is only fair to know beforehand if you have a challenger for that position. In order for the organization to maintain complete transparency and fairness, floor nominations should be discontinued and a deadline set in place to become a candidate for office. This will give the Nomination Committee time to verify eligibility and to notify the Candidates and the Board of who is running for positions in the organization.

Rex Reynolds
Sergeant at Arms