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By-Law Revisions

By-Law Revisions Explanation of Need

2014 By-Law Revision Proposed Changes – PDF Download

The following is an explanation of the concerns of the Board of Directors and the need to make revisions on some points of the By Laws.

The first issue is the terms of the officers and the timing of their election. As it stands now, it is feasibly possible to have an election at Convention and have an entirely new set of officers. This could have a negative effect on the organization leaving us with inexperienced officers. The new officers would be learning their jobs all at the same time. In the interest of keeping things running smoothly and in a timely manner the Board feels that the officer elections should be alternated as indicated by the proposed changes. They also feel that officers need more than a two year period to learn the job and to make a lasting contribution to the organization. Therefore a four year term has been suggested. This will also make alternating the elections much simpler. Anyone can still run for any position they feel they might be interested in on an election year. This change will insure that you will have the experience of other officers to draw upon.

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