Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

Meeting Minutes – October 2013

President Kenneth Hoover called the meeting of the Board of Directors of the Fire Fighters Association of Missouri to order at 9:00 AM, Sunday, October 6, 2013 at the Woman’s Building, Missouri State Fairgrounds in Sedalia, MO.

Roll Call of Board of Directors:

Off icers: President, Kenneth Hoover – Little Dixie FPD; First Vice President, Tim Bean – West Plains FD; Second Vice President, Charlie Neubert – Highlandville Rural FPD; Secretary Treasurer, Jaime Miller – Johnson County FPD; Sergeant-at-Arms, Rex Reynolds – Southern FPD of Holt County; Past President, Keith Smith – Warrenton FPD; Historian, Kay Asher – Wentzville FPD.

Board of Directors: District 2, Greg Wright – Shelbina FD; District 3, Larry Jones – Madison West Monroe FPD; District 5, James Kelbaugh – Southern Stone FPD; District 6, Richard Gordon – Cole County FPD; District 7, RB Brown – Eureka FD; District 11, Monty Thompson – Kearney FPD.

Assistant Directors: District 1, Janet Cain – Braymer FR; District 3, Rob Erdle – Little Dixie FPD; District 6, Gary Berendzen – Cole County FPD; District 11, Roger Meyers – Concordia FPD; District 14, Glenn Dittmar – South Central Buchanan County FD.

Guests: David Hedrick – MU FRTI; Larry Jennings, Joe Jennings, Larry Eggen – Johnson County FPD; Donald Vaucher, Harriett Vaucher – Eureka FPD; Steve Gentry – Little Dixie FPD; Cy Fields – Paris Rural FPD; Ben Wolverton – Eastern Randolph Rural Fire; Ricky Nesmith, Shannon Wenkel – Southern Stone FPD; Joyce Thompson – Kearney FPD.

Agenda: President Hoover asked for additions to the agenda. RB Brown moved to accept the agenda as presented. Charlie Neubert seconded the motion and all approved.

Minutes: President Hoover asked for corrections or additions to the August 4, 2013 board meeting minutes. Larry Jones moved to accept the minutes as presented. Glenn Diittmar seconded the motion and all approved.

Financial Report: President Hoover asked for a review of the August/September 2013 financial reports. RB Brown moved to accept the financial report as presented. Greg Wright seconded the motion and all approved.

Report of Off icers and Sp ecial Guest(s): David Hedrick with MU FRTI reported that October 11-13 will be the Instructors Conference at the Lake of the Ozarks.

This week is Fire Prevention Week. The theme is Prevent Kitchen Fires.

February 7-9, 2014 is Winter Fire School. Information will be out soon.

The 2013 MU FRTI annual report is now available in hard copy and online. 597 classes were delivered in the fiscal year with more than 13,000 students and more than 1,000 fire departments and agencies serviced. Contact your regional coordinator if interested in any hosting a class.

Correspondence: Secretary Miller reported that thank you letters were received from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation for donations from the FFAM and Missouri State Fair Fire Department for their National Fallen Firefighters Survivors Conference in 2014.

Unfinished Business: Chief Jennings reported that no new information has been received regarding the grant.

New Business: President Hoover reported that the National Weather Service will hold their presentation in December. The topic was tabled.

Secretary Miller reported that there are currently 955, 50th Anniversary books and 235, 25th Anniversary books in inventory. Discussion was held on distribution of the remaining books. Rex Reynolds moved that Secretary Miller disseminate the books as necessary. Monty Thompson seconded the motion and all approved.

Pam Carsten with the Auxiliary requested t-shirt donations for a t-shirt quilt that the Auxiliary will make and raffle at convention. Those with t-shirts to donate can bring them to the December meeting.

Committee Reports: Awards Committee: Larry Jennings reported that the awards forms have been updated and will be available on the website. The deadline is February 28.

Budget Committee: Tim Bean reported that budget will be finalized at the December meeting.

Bylaws Committee: Rex Reynolds reported that a report will be given in December. President Hoover advised that he would like to appoint Ryan Miller and Jonathan Evans to the Bylaws Committee. Discussion followed. Charlie Neubert moved to appoint Ryan Miller and Jonathan Evans to the Bylaws Committee. Greg Wright seconded the motion and all approved.

Chaplain Committee: David Hedrick reported that the Federal of Fire Chaplains conference will be October 27-30, in Seattle, Washington. The National Fallen Firefighter Survivors Conference will be held May 4-9, 2014 in Clayton, MO.

The board and guests held a moment of silence to recognize those being honored at the National Fallen Firefighters ceremony.

The chaplain with Marshfield Fire Protection District will be one of the guest speakers at the annual memorial in May.

Contest Committee: Richard Gordon reported that a few more items have been purchased for the contests.

Convention Committee: Larry Jones reported that there are two departments interested in hosting convention in 2015 and 2016. He will advise once proposals have been received.

Ed ucation Committee: No report was given. Fire Prevention Committee: RB Brown reported that he has received lots of contact regarding the poster contest. The deadline for posters is the Friday night of convention.

Legislative Committee: No report was given.

Membership Committee: Charlie Neubert reported the following membership counts: 435 Directors/ Councilman; 231 Retired; 11 Associate; 7 Sustaining; 11 Corporate, 360 Departments; 7884 Active.

Discussion was held on a retirement plan for members. Tim Bean moved to proceed with research on a retirement plan and for a presentation to be held at the December meeting. Monty Thompson seconded the motion and all approved.

Charlie Neubert reported that the FFAM would be placing a half page ad in the American Legion Boys State annual yearbook which promotes the FFAM and fire services membership throughout the state.

Nomination Committee: Keith Smith reported that there have been no nominations for the District 8 or 12 positions. President Hoover advised that he has been in contact with an individual who may be interested in filling one of the vacant positiosn.

NV FC Committee: Keith Smith reported there is no new information dealing with legislation however the NVFC is currently working on exceptions to the Affordable Health Care Act as it pertains to departments with 50+ employees who are volunteers.

Keith Smith reported that he and Rob Erdle will be attending the fall NVFC meeting in College Station, TX. Discussion was held on the FFAM sponsoring a Fire Fighters Memorial Foundation statue at the annual auction.

The Iowa multi-state networking meeting will be held in November. If anyone is interested in attending on behalf of the FFAM, contact him.

Scholarship Committee: Larry Eggen reported that the Continuing Education Scholarship proposal is in each packet and asked that the board review it for consideration for approval in December.

State Fair Committee: Monty Thompson reported that 2013 fair was very well attended. The state of Missouri has agreed to allow Pettis County Ambulance District to rent the State Fair Fire Department building until January while their new facility is being constructed. The FFAM will receive $250 per month as reimbursement of some facility expenses.

Website Committee: Secretary Miller reported that the new website should be up and running within the next two weeks.

Newsletter: The deadline for the next newsletter is November 1.

Historian report: Kay Asher reported that she has received several shirts and badges from “retired” departments.

Foundation report: Keith Smith reported that Dr. Baker, who has been handling fundraising for the foundation, now has a revised contract and will be receiving 8% commission on any amounts raised.

The Foundation website is now finished and available.

He reported that the Missouri Fire Service Funeral Assistance Team that responded to assist in Arizona was recognized as a lead group for several key aspects of the funeral services for the fallen firefighters.

Harriett Vaucher reported they are still looking for sponsors for the 2014 National Fallen Firefighters Survivors Conference in Clayton, MO May 4-9. A list of fundraising activities is available on

President Hoover advised that the December 1 meeting will conclude with lunch at Golden Corral. All those attending need to advise Secretary Miller so that a proper head-count can be given to Golden Corral.

The next meeting will be held in the Mathewson Exhibition Center – National Guard Room on the Missouri State Fairgrounds.

Charlie Neubert moved to adjourn the meeting. Glenn Dittmar seconded the motion. President Hoover adjourned the meeting at 10:25 AM.

Jaime Miller, Secretary
Fire Fighters Association of Missouri