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President’s Remarks – November 2013

First and foremost, please check out our brand new website. It looks great and is very user friendly. Thanks to everyone that worked so hard to get it designed and up and running.

I hope everyone is enjoying the beautiful fall weather. This has been the nicest fall that I can remember for many years and we are finally receiving some much needed rain. But the nice fall weather has also brought the normal fall activities we all can expect.

The fall season also brings the traditional turkey and deer hunting season. I wish all of you the best of luck with your search for those trophies and again, practice safe habits, and please be careful.

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Fire Marshal’s Update – November 2013

Six months after (11) firefighters representing five local area fire departments were killed in the April 2013 fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas; EPA, OSHA and ATF have issued an advisory on storage, handling and management of ammonium nitrate. This is part of an ongoing federal effort to improve chemical safety regarding ammonium nitrate in relation to proper building design, storage containers and fire protection at facilities. I encourage all, but especially those of you who have primary response to chemical facilities within your jurisdiction to ensure your emergency response plans are up to date and maintained. More information related to this advisory can be viewed via AN_advisory.pdf.

In the January/February 2013 FFAM newsletter, an article, “Keep Hope Alive” was featured which highlighted the impact first responders have on potential organ donation viability when their patient cannot be saved. The article written by Debra Simaitis, mother of an organ donor and a member of the Governor’s Organ Donation Advisory Committee, mentioned a future training program targeting first responders and actions they can perform to ensure organ donation can remain viable. The training is now available online and those successfully completing the training are eligible for one hour of CEU toward their EMS certification. Go to Click on the link to “Keep Hope Alive” training and register to participate. Your participation may allow you to save multiple lives by taking the appropriate action at fatal accident scenes. Whether you need CEU’s or not, I recommend all first responders take 30 minutes and watch the training video.

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