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Fire Marshal’s Update – July 2013

If you recall from the last newsletter, I approached the Fire Service Alliance over a year ago seeking assistance in exploring options to the soaring Worker’s Compensation premiums Missouri’s fire service is experiencing. Today we continue to see departments being forced to reduce their ranks, especially within the volunteer departments, due to increased premium costs. Stepping up to assist in identifying potential options were now retired Chief Larry Boyle in conjunction with the Missouri Association of Fire Protection Districts. It was determined that the initial task was to formulate a short survey to collect preliminary information from Missouri’s fire service.

The survey was distributed via e-mail and I want to thank those who responded. I am pleased to report efforts are moving forward due to your responses. Before a comprehensive feasibility study could be conducted a minimum of two million dollars in premium costs expended by departments needed to be established. Approximately 120 departments responded to the survey indicating nearly seven million dollars is being expended annually for Worker’s Compensation coverage.

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President’s Remarks July 2013

Well, in my last article, I wrote about the snow, sleet and cold weather. Now we are facing excessive rain, severe storms and above normal temperatures. I stand amazed at Missouri weather.

I am equally amazed at the fire fighters of Missouri. The commitment level and faithfulness to the brotherhood is second to none. Whenever disaster strikes, you are always there and ready to serve your communities. And that brings me to the annual Fallen Fire Fighters Memorial Services held on May 18th, and 19th, 2013 in Kingdom City.

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