Fire Fighters Association of Missouri

State Fair FD Awards

At the Awards Ceremony and Business Meeting held Saturday, August 19, at the Missouri State Fair Fire Department, it was decided that the Department Union will be making several donations to various causes. The Missouri State Fair Fire Department (MSFFD) Union collects fines during the fair from firefighters and EMS personnel to raise funds for these different donations. It is all done with good intentions. The fines are collected from personnel who have committed silly actions the previous day and gotten caught.

The first donation will be used for the 2017 9/11 Memorial Stair Climb in Jefferson City which will be hosted by the Missouri State Fire Marshall on September the 10th at the Jefferson Building. The MSFFD has elected to donate $350 to sponsor a floor during the stair climb. The fire department will also buy three bricks in memory of fallen Firefighter Jeffrey Sanders of Mayview, Captain John Kemper from St. Louis FD and Firefighter Jesse Ketchum of Memphis who lost their lives in the line of duty. The department voted to purchase a fourth brick for the 2017 MSFFD. These bricks will proudly be displayed at the Firefighter Memorial located in Kingdom City. Continue Reading →

Auxiliary Minutes – September 2017

FFAM Auxiliary Meeting Sedalia Missouri, August 6, 2017

Meeting called to order by President Diane Hanes at 9:03 a.m.

Introduction of Officers


Diane Hanes, Galt FPD; Theresa Cox, Wentzville FPD; Jessica Miller, Norborne FPD; Sheri Berendzen, Cole County FPD; Ann Jones, Madison West Monroe FD; Chris Slaughter, Warrenton FPD; Angela Fields, Paris Rural FPD; Joni Fields, Paris Rural FPD; Joyce Thompson, Kearney Fire Rescue; Barbara Mattox, North Central Carroll FPD; and Kerrie Mattox, North Central Carroll FPD. Continue Reading →

Honoring LODD

At the meeting of all personnel on August 19, 2017 we gathered to honor the Clinton Missouri police officer who lost his life in the line of Duty, Officer Gary Michael. His Road Sergeant, Chad Nepple represented the Clinton Police Department for the presentation. We gave the family a firefighter flag that was signed by Law Enforcement, EMS, Fire, Conservation and State Officials at the 2017 Missouri State Fair to honor his ultimate sacrifice. He lost his life on August 6, 2017, during a traffic stop.

2017 State Fair Fire Department Photos

History Corner – September 2017

To some folks that experienced this day in 2001, it seems like yesterday; to others a fleeting memory. It is also astounding to me that there are kids in our country that are now driving age, including my youngest grandson, who were not even born when this attack on our country occurred.

It was the first foreign attack on the United States mainland in almost two centuries and the largest firefighter life loss ever in one incident. Three hundred forty three firefighters and officers of the New Your City Fire Department died as a result of American Airlines Boeing 767 loaded with 20,000 gallons of fuel struck the 80th floor of the North tower of the World Trade Center. Eighteen minutes later a second Boeing 767, United Air Lines flight 175 slammed into the 60th floor of the South Tower! Continue Reading →

News From District 7 – September 2017

Hello from the east side of the state. I hope all is well. Can you believe how fast time is going by? Summer is about over and the Missouri State Fair is in the history books.

First off, I want to say thank you to all this year’s poster contest winners and a big thank you to the artist’s that attended the Missouri State Fair to receive their prizes. Those winners that were able to attend received free admission into the fair, a tour of the fire station, received their award money and a wristband pass to the midway carnival. I also want to give a special thank you to Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department for making the fun day at the fair possible for all the winners. Continue Reading →

Commitment, Dedication, and Service – Osage Beach FPD

May 14, 1985 a small resort owner joined the ranks of the Osage Beach Fire Protection District as a volunteer. Over the years this individual served in the capacity of a Volunteer Firefighter, Volunteer Lieutenant, Career Major, Career Captain and he was one of the original nine full time staff hired in 1991.

What does 32 years of service look like by the numbers? Unfortunately this is not easy to answer since the first 15 years of his service all fire reports and training rosters were completed on paper; it was not until the year of 2000 that these records went to a computer format. So just looking at the last 17 years of service the numbers look like:

911 Responses: 3,923 (over 6,000 total)

Training Hours: 3,003 (over 6,000 total) Continue Reading →

Size Can Be Deceiving

As you pull up to a fire you quickly take a span shot of the structure, if you see smoke and if you see flames. As you evaluate the structure, you can determine if it is a resident, an office, a retail store or factory. Many things are running through your mind as you begin your attack.

But how many times have pulled up on a structure and thought about its size? Like really thought about the size of the structure that is on fire. Continue Reading →