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News From District 7 – September 2017

Hello from the east side of the state. I hope all is well. Can you believe how fast time is going by? Summer is about over and the Missouri State Fair is in the history books.

First off, I want to say thank you to all this year’s poster contest winners and a big thank you to the artist’s that attended the Missouri State Fair to receive their prizes. Those winners that were able to attend received free admission into the fair, a tour of the fire station, received their award money and a wristband pass to the midway carnival. I also want to give a special thank you to Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department for making the fun day at the fair possible for all the winners. Continue Reading →

News From District 7

Hello to all from the East side of the state. Summer is here and on this side we have had some hot days with high humidity, so before the dog days of August hit us, here is a friendly reminder about hyperthermia.

Hyperthermia is actually an umbrella term. It refers to several conditions that can occur when your body’s heat-regulation system can’t handle the heat in your environment.

Hyperthermia comes in many stages. Heat exhaustion, for example, is a common condition. But others, such as heat syncope, may be less familiar to you. Continue Reading →

News From District 7 – May 2017

Hello from the east side of the state. Can you believe how fast time is going by! Spring has sprung and the 2017 FFAM Convention is in the history books. What I can say about the convention is, wow! What a great time and for the ones that didn’t attend you missed out on great opportunity for training, fellowship, competition and motivation.

A big thank you to the Missouri State Fair Fire Department for hosting such a grand event and a big thanks to the committee with fine leadership by Chair Larry Jennings and Co-chairperson Grant Oetting. Missouri is the Show-Me State and I feel the Missouri State Fair Fire Department showed everyone they knew what to do. It was run like a fine oiled machine; it was a great time, thank you.

Another thank you goes to Chief Jeff Buford for being in command of the shuttle service for the conventioneers providing shuttle service from the hotels to the convention. They did a great job once again in providing a service that allowed fellow firefighters to enjoy the convention without worrying about driving; thank you to all the drivers, a job well done. Continue Reading →

News From District 7 – March 2017

Hello to all I hope to see many at the 2017 Convention at the Missouri State Fairgrounds; it will be a grand ole time. I want to say thank you to all the members that have been working many hours behind the scenes to get the convention going.

With the convention around the corner, the Fire Prevention poster contest will be judged during the convention, so all poster entries will need to be in before the start of the convention. All posters will need to be given to the ladies’ auxiliary. The ladies auxiliary will be judging the posters and a pre-thank you to all the ladies for doing a great job and who have the hard job of selecting the top three winners from each class. As a reminder, “PLEASE” use the back poster form. This will help the Fire Prevention committee to make contact with the winners to make arrangements. I hope we have many from each district and would like this year to be a record year.

Have a great spring and see ya soon at the convention.

State Fair Volunteer FD Kitchen

2016msf-10From the kitchen of the Missouri State Fair Volunteer Fire Department. I hope everyone that helped at the State Fair had a good time and will be back next year, August 10-20. I also hope you had plenty to eat with breakfast, lunch and supper. I have to say we used a lot of forks, plates and napkins. As for what was dished out, I hope it was tolerable. We started with S.O.S and ended with pizza, with the best meal in my opinion being the Tuesday evening catfish night. The catfish was the talk all over the fair from our people, the highway patrol and from the state fair commissioners. A big shout out for the Galt Fire Protection District; thank you for a great supper that made my birthday even better.

While giving out thank you’s, the mess hall could not have functioned without the great help from the ladies and the gentlemen. Mrs. Ann, Mrs. Angie, Mrs. Brenda, Mr. Gordon, Mrs. Kathy, Mrs. Joyce, and to all the engine company and EMS crews that helped me cook and clean. It was a kitchen saver and a T.E.A.M. event; together everyone achieves more. And thanks to the fire chief and EMS chief for your help. Continue Reading →

News from District 7 – January 2016

snowHello to all from the east side of the state hope everyone had a very merry and safe Christmas and a happy new year. If mother nature holds true to what we have had over the past month you may not need the information I have, but I believe that the weather will be changing and it will become bad. With that being said please take all precautions to make you home and auto ready for the winter weather.

Everyone needs to be prepared for severe winter weather. Conditions can change drastically, even from neighborhood to neighborhood. So you have to be prepared for a variety of weather conditions during the winter months. This includes preparing for lengthy power outages, extreme cold, ice, freezing rain and heavy, blinding snow. As part of your emergency plan, you should have supplies to last at least three days. Like flashlights and batteries, food and water. You should also have supplies at work and in your vehicle. Don’t forget about extra supplies for your pets. No plan is complete without a communications plan. Make sure everyone knows who to call if their travel will be delayed or postponed. Remember, if you don’t have to go out,  don’t go out. Take all the precautions you can now so you and your loved ones stay safe. Continue Reading →

News from Distric 7 – July 2015

Hello to all from the east side of the state! I hope everyone is doing well and has not had many situations with the wet weather we have had.

Summer is here and everyone needs to take care of themselves. If you’re working a scene please ensure that you and your crew are taking the necessary precautions. Be sure to take the needed breaks and stay hydrated.

With the summer solstice in full swing, trips will be planned. Make sure your vehicle is ready for the summer. Have all your fluids checked and the air conditioning charged. Remember to pack a cooler of water for the longer trips.

With summer being the time for fun in the sun, plan to attend the Union Fire Protection District’s 125th Anniversary Celebration in Union on July 18. The festivities will be held around the town square. Continue Reading →